That Spinning Class Last Night

A week ago I went to my very first spinning class. I felt pain when I sitting down up until Thursday. My strongest run I had on Wednesday.

Yesterday I decided to go to my second class. Same group, same instructor, a different bike. I was told that this bike was supposed to be “a looooot better” which I as a previous non-spinner didn`t think I would even notice. Well, I don`t know what it was but it did feel a lot more comfortable. The saddle was more comfortable, it seemed as if it turned a lot smoother (or maybe I just finally understood how to “spin”) and the handle bar part felt more comfortable.

What changed? My legs were a little more bent, the saddle a little bit closer to the handle bar (or vice versa?). I skipped the Nike Tempo shorts that I wanted to rock last week. I learned that the short length together with the built-in underwear part made for good chafing only, not for good spinning. This time I chose my knee length (running) tights. Very smart decisions, as I learned.

This time the music was definitely a lot more of my taste. That`s the famous “power of a playlist” that you might heard off. A fast paced “Moves Like Jagger” during harder hills and a good version of Hurts` “Wonderful Life” were among my favorites of the class. It was also nicer not to be sitting in the last row (5. row as last time) but in the second one where I could actually see the instructor.

I could feel the soreness and fatigue in my legs a lot faster than last time, but I did not rest once during jumps or hills or resistance changes. Finally I enjoyed a great stretch!

After the class I did try out something else that was new to me. Those awful looking machines that all the bulky guys are on and that look like you are going to die on? I did some calve and thigh training (honestly, I have no idea, I just did whatever felt right. Anyone want to educate me?) until I felt a bit like jello.

Today I again have a bit of a sitting-down problem, but my legs feel great. Just that spot right below the elbows feels a little bit beaten up from leaning down on the handle bar (or however the spinning experts call it).

Do you have any tips to share with me?


4 thoughts on “That Spinning Class Last Night

  1. Congratulations on going to your first spin class AND going back for a second after the first painful experience!

    My top spinning tip is to invest in a gel saddle cover, I bought mine from a UK seller on eBay – it was around £8 but the best purchase I ever made – I always take it to classes now!

    I always wear 3/4 length tights and a light weight top, I tend to stick to my usual ninja black because spin doesn’t encourage us to get into the most flattering positions 😉

    When I first started out I had a different problem, I was so paranoid about falling off that I kept a death grip on the handle bars and ended up with really sore forearms – oddest spin injury ever?

    NEW Jelly Bike Cycle GEL SEAT COVER saddle cushion pad

  2. so funny spinning class is always a challenge no matter how you look at it. I think it took me 3 tries to get the right shorts to work for me. I used to laugh at the biking shorts but no longer. xx Chloe

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