Half Marathon Week 1

So, my original plan of trying to run a half on April 1. ended shortly after I began. I traveled, got sick and the weather was horrible, too.
Now I’m taking my chance at a half in 12 weeks.

I went to my very first spinning class and absolutely loved it. It took me until Thursday before all the pain from sitting on the saddle went away, but next week I’m sure I will go again!

Due to time reasons, this is and will stay my day off.

I planned and did an easy 3 miler on the island before classes. It was nice and warm and I brought out my new pink Nike Tempo shorts for their first official run. I felt good the whole time. Afterwards I stretched out using the Nike Training Club app’s Stretch guide on my iPhone.

I had another 3 mile run planned. After little more than half the distance I met another running friend and decided to join for the rest of his run. Turned out I did 4.7 miles and felt amazing. Temperatures were already in the 20s so this was my first Sports bra and Shorts run this year!
I also ditched my beloved music and concentrated fully on the run.

This run was absolutely awful! I had to call it quits after 2.5 miles (planned 3 again). It was mostly just a mental thing. But since my run on thursday ha already been longer than my planned long run for the week I didn’t feel bad about it.

I was going to go to my first Yoga class but then decided I’d set different priorities. Yoga will come next week, probably. This was another rest day.

For today I had my 4 mile “long” run planned. I ended up doing only 3.6 simply because I didn`t want to run out and back another time and because I had actually topped my goal for the week already anyways.

All together I ran 13.8 miles and went spinning for 60 minutes. I`d call this a great week!

Share with me: which goals did you reach this week, what do you want to achieve in the next?


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