Trend Spot: Thin Rings

A big (or rather small) thing I have noticed a lot recently are tiny rings. I really want to have one (or more) of these. Often worn on multiple fingers at once, or multiple rings on one finger or even rings small enough to only fit the first half of your finger. Here are some favorites I found on Etsy:

via MARY JOHN on Etsy

via jayy2009 on Etsy

via GazitJewelry on Etsy

I think these rings are gorgeous because of how small and delicate they are but they still make a nice little statement. You could find twisted ones (Pandora has a nice selection, too!), different types of metals, stones and other things like that.

Let me know what you think of this look!


7 thoughts on “Trend Spot: Thin Rings

  1. I love the Gazit ring bundle! I do like the small rings trend but I tend to stick to chunky jewellery, so grouping several rings together seems like the perfect way for me to join in on this trend 🙂

    I noticed that Accessorize has some cute silver and faux gemstone (pastel colour) skinny rings that could be a nice way to give a fashion nod to spring trends for the closet-Goths like me 😉

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