Read Recently: I`ve Got Your Number

“I`ve got your number” is the most recent Sophie Kinsella book and also the most recent book I finished (in a little more than a day).

If you, too love Sophie Kinsella`s books (e.g. the Shopaholic series), this book is definitely a must read. Like the books I posted about before, this is again a very easy read, perfect for travels or when you just don`t want to have to think about what is happening.

“I`ve got your number” is about Poppy, an engaged woman that looses her engagement ring (a family piece), on the weekend her future parents-in-law are supposed to come to the town. But to top it all off, she also looses her phone and “has to” use another one, which technically does not belong to her, but which she claims (according to a typical funny Kinsella logic). With the new number, a whole string of events are connected to the actual story. It`s about love, women, work and even has some suspense in it along with a whole bunch of funny foot notes (these work great in the e-book version!).

What I love about this book? Sophie Kinsella manages to write in a very easy and funny way but without using one of the stories that has been there hundreds of times before. Even an easy read has a level of suspense and it`s hard to put the book aside, because you just want to keep finding out what is going to happen next.

For me, this is definitely a must read!

Do you have any book recommendations? And, do you like Sophia Kinsella books?


2 thoughts on “Read Recently: I`ve Got Your Number

  1. I definitely like to read Sophie Kinsella when I’m in the mood for something light and entertaining. Glad to hear you liked this one–I’ve been debating purchasing it from the Kindle store but couldn’t decide.

    I read a variety of genres, but a couple books I’ve liked recently are Ms. Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, The Flight of Gemma Hardy (a more modern Jane Eyre), and Galapagos by Kurt Vonnegut

    • I really like it, and if you like the Genre, I think this book is really a recommendable one.
      Thank you also for your recommendations. I`m going to look into them, I`m sure.
      I liked Jane Eyre when I had to read it, so maybe that “modern” version will be my first try.
      Thank you so much!

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