City trip: Prague

As you know, if you read my post on packing light I spent the past (long) weekend in Czech`s beautiful capital Prague. I have been there before but was too young to remember anything.

My first thoughts when we drove into the city were that all of the buildings add such a beautiful character, it reminded me of my hometown Budapest. There is the castle and the river and a great view. And on top of that, we were lucky to have the most perfect weather for traveling. Sunshine and around 15 to 20 degrees celsius. It was perfect.

I have to special recommendations which I sadly can not provide pictures for, because I couldn`t take any during the performances. First the Laterna Magika. It`s an interesting concept of a movie and acting intertwined. The acting part is pantomime and ballet, the movie was a rather modern interpretation of stories about Prague. The Laterna Magika used to be just a movie that would stop at some point and then the actors would appear, playing on from the same point. Originally you could not even tell the differences sometimes. Now it`s not like this, but it`s really worth to go and see!

My second recommendation would be a black light theater. Prague is famous for them, they have about ten. The play I saw was a composition of the best sketches, with amazing dancers and costumes all in black light and some pantomime acting between. It was unlike anything I have seen before and I would go right back!

And now, the pictures:


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