Thoughts On My First Spinning Class

In my very first post I shared, that one of my 2012 new year`s resolutions was to attend a spinning class. I have never been to one before and was really curious to find out all about it. This post is without pictures, because I did not want to keep my phone on me during the class, sorry!

So, today I decided to go and check it out. It was a 60 minute class at a gym I haven`t been to before. I got a little introduction to the spinning bikes how I adjust it, how I change the resistance, what I need to do, when I should stop, … . For a total newbie the one thing I was stressed out about most was the typical biking pain that you get when you haven`t sat on a bike in quite a while.

The great things

  • I survived the whole class without actually stopping and changed the resistance exactly how it was asked
  • I understood a lot more than I thought (being that the class was in a language – Hungarian – that I basically don`t know)
  • I sweated. A lot. In a good way.
  • I felt extremely calm and refreshed afterwards
  • I never had to deal with any “pain” during the class that I sometimes feel when my legs are heavy during a run or cramping.
  • My shoulder and neck area was a lot more active than I had thought
  • I managed to drink, to ride, to keep the towel in place without dropping it to the floor
  • I had a really great stretching session afterwards
  • I`m going back!

The less great things

  • I had a hard time riding the bike in low resistance while standing up, somehow I didn`t quite get into the flow
  • I felt like the handlebars (how do you call them?) seemed a lot more uncomfortable after a while and I was wishing for a pillow like part that I could easily hold on to
  • I did not really like the music
  • I feel the pain coming and don`t want to think about having to sit down tomorrow. Please, no hard seats, everything should be cushioned!



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