Packing tips: Weekend city trip

Tomorrow I`m leaving for a long-weekend trip to Prague. I thought, I`d share my tips for packing light and using basics to create a number of different outfits. First things first:

  1. What`s the weather like? Check the weather at your travel location. For me, it`s supposed to be somewhere around 15-20 degrees maximum, sunny but also partly cloudy.
  2. What are your plans? I`m going to do mainly sightseeing around town. On Thursday evening and on Saturday evening I`m going to see to performances that I`m going to tell you more about then.
  3. Do you have everything ready? Are your clothes clean and wrinkle free? Do you have a lock for your suitcase? I like to put copies of my most important things in the liner of my suitcase (they usually open  with a zipper).
  4. Get working! Lay out things that you would otherwise easily forget. I have a list of these that I keep in my suitcase even when I`m not traveling, so that I will never forget anything. This includes medication, cables, converters, underwear, women`s necessities. If I have extras I will even keep these in the suitcase at all time.

So that`s where I will start off. I`m planning to wear my individual items twice usually, but paired differently. If you are not comfortable with this, you can easily add items.

Here is my basic clothes/accessories packing list according to weather and plans:

  • Skinny Jeans (these are by GAP)
  • Shorts (Zara, 2011)
  • Little black dress (H&M – jersey)
  • White T-Shirt (unknown)
  • Black T-Shirt (Tezenis)
  • Denim shirt (H&M, 2011)
  • Black flats (Zara, 2009 or 2010)
  • Two necklaces
  • Cross-body bag (Michael Kors)
  • Skinny belt (Zara, came with pants)
  • Lightweight black blazer (Zara)
  • other necessities could/will include sleepwear, underwear, sports clothes if you wish,…

Outfit option 1: 

A white tee and dark denim, layered on top I will wear my blazer and a necklace. As always my watch and as in all the outfit ideas, a pair of flats.

Outfit option 2: 

My LBD, with a belt and another necklace. This can go for an not too nice event in the evenings or just for sightseeing in town. You could add tights as needed or layer a sweater, jacket or blazer on top.

Outfit option 3: 

This is basically the same dress, but I put a denim shirt above. Rolled up sleeves are always a nice touch in my opinion. The necklace is the same as in the first outfit. This shirt could of course also be worn with the denim or what is going to come up next…

Outfit option 4: 

Here I`m pairing a pair of high rise shorts. The belt defines the waistline, the black t-shirt is just another basic so it can be worn with a lot of other things like the jeans. To layer up, you could add the blazer from before or the denim shirt, for example.
Sooo, these are the outfits that I will probably wear this weekend.
Because I still have a big amount of suitcase space, I might add my ankle boots. Maybe also another T-shirt or a lightweight sweater.
Please let me know, what your tips for packing light are or anything I must go and see in Prague?

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