#MarchPhotoADay – Part 2

For part 1 of this photo series, please click here!

Day 5: Smile: a little sticker on a picture drawn by my friends little sister.

Day 6: 5pm: Now, this was 5.59pm to be precise. And as you can see, it was not yet completely dark outside. This tells me that spring is coming!

Day 7: Something you wore: Running tights in capri lengths! As I said: it`s spring and I`m very enthusiastic about that fact.

Day 8: Window: Actually this is a flower I got, that I placed in front of the window. Lame. But the flower is very special. I love white flowers, and it was international women`s day. I have never before gotten anything for that day so I thought it was the sweetest gesture!

Day 9: Red: I wore this shade by OPI “Big Apple Red” on my toenails.

Day 10: Loud: I took this picture when I walked around town the other day. I found it inspiring, so I snapped a photo. I think the colors are “loud”.

Day 11: Someone you talked to: My mom. Her hand is the lower one, I am wearing Essie`s “Flirt” nail polish. A beautiful coral color.

Day 12: Fork: Yesterday I went out to Tom George, a local italian restaurant, with some high school friends.

Day 13: A sign: This is a print I bought in New York a few years ago and that is part of my picture wall in my living room. It reminds me of a great class trip.


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