Around the House: Small Things Organization

Last weekend after a way to long and way to busy week I wanted to treat myself to something nice and decided to get some little things for around the house. Because I have mostly white furniture and all my walls are white (or rather cream) as well, I thought I`d add some small elements that would add a bit of cheerfulness for the eye.

And off I was to IKEA. I returned home with two smaller glass jars, one glass bowl and two different sized drop shaped porcelain bowls.

Instead of having Q-tips and cotton pads in ugly drugstore plastic bins or bags, I put them into two glass jars. It`s easy to see what is inside, you can also open them easily (no unscrewing or pulling needed) and they look very clean.

Another thing was my nail polishes. I don`t have too many after sorting out quite a few bottles last year and giving them away. But still I did not have only one or two bottles that would make for a great display somewhere around the house. So I thought, don`t hide the colorful(l) little bottles in a drawer, why don`t put them out on a shelf that isn`t used anyways.

Lastly, I wanted to have some bowls for everyday jewelry items. I`ve seen similar displays around a lot and thought they`d be great for me, because I hate having to take time and put things away to a proper place.

And then, I found the box of my Michael Kors watch and thought that it would make for a great make up organizer. And it did!

What do you think? Any tips for organizing the small things around the house?


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