My Week 9 Recap

Monday, February 27. 2012 

Tuesday, February 28. 2012

  • Took the whole day off!

Wednesday, February 29. 2012

  • Ran 3 miles that were not easy, but fun. The feeling afterwards is always the greatest. I also spent some time stretching thoroughly.

Thursday, March 1. 2012

  • Topic on With Anna: Being Active Again: 8 Happy Things
  • I went to the city island for a 3 mile run in the morning and decided to swim 600m in the outdoor pool. Everything felt great!
  • I started participating in the “march photo a day” “challenge” using Instagram on my iPhone.
  • #marchphotoaday “up”: 

This is the Monument of the 1956 revolution in Budapest`s city park. I go running here sometimes.

Friday, March 2. 2012

I ate grapefruits with a hint of sugar.

Saturday, March 3. 2012

  • Topic on With Anna: 10 Facts About Me – Vol. 2
  • Ran 2 easy recovery miles on the local hills. Afterwards I stretched out my muscles using the Nike Training Club Full Stretch Guide bonus workout.
  • #marchphotoaday “your neighborhood”:

This is the view I have from my balcony when the sun sets.

Sunday, March 4. 2012

  • I did some sightseeing, but I`ll tell you all more about that tomorrow.
  • #marchphotoaday “bedside”:

That`s my IKEA bed, table and lamp, with blue and white striped bedding and the Steve Jobs biography.

As always, to see more frequent updates, you can follow me on Instagram @with_anna or Instagrid.

Hope you all have an amazing next week. Let me know what you did in the past week. Any accomplishments? Any new goals?


2 thoughts on “My Week 9 Recap

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