10 Facts About Me – Vol. 2

  1. I love green tea with Jasmine but I hate both Jasmine tea and anything (else) Jasmine scented.
  2. It makes me happy when (beauty) products run out even if I will repurchase the same exact thing.
  3. I hate when people zap around during commercials on TV because I don`t like missing the beginning of the next part.
  4. My favorite ice cream is chocolate. It should contain chocolate pieces and it`s best from Daubner`s, a cafe in Budapest.
  5. Bookshops and libraries are happy places of mine. I could spend hours just looking around, leafing through some books.
  6. I`ve never read Harry Potter, Twilight, or any other of these “famous” series.
  7. Peonies and Ranunculus are among my favorite flowers.
  8. I study Spanish, but I really prefer French. That`s also why I never was good at studying Spanish.
  9. I can not stand sitting in a car when other people chew gum. The sound of it drives me up the walls. In order not to hear it I will then always take gum myself.
  10. I don`t like the look of big hoop earrings. Many consider them a staple but I`d rather have a statement pair and some studs.

For more random things, read Part 1 of this as well!


3 thoughts on “10 Facts About Me – Vol. 2

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