Spring Picks for Lips and Nails

If you go outside these days, you will feel the spring coming. Right now, the sun is setting, but I have my window open because the fresh air is already so nice and warm and there are some birds singing outside. I`m in a very spring-y mood, so I thought I`d share some favorite lip and nail color shades that have been my favorite for the spring seasons. I love a great pop of color. Still wearing a lot of warm reds, but also bright pinks and coral tones.

Let me know, what are your favorites?

Like a skyline, isn`t it?

From left to right: MAC Ramblas Red (Amplified), Chanel Coco Shine Romance, Dior 355 (this was from a duty free set, so I don`t know if you can get it in stores)

Same order as above. The MAC is a deep red, Romance is a pink shade with some micro glitter and the Dior is just a plain baby pink.

From left to right: Golden Rose Paris in a neon pink color (I don`t know the number), OPI in Big Apple Red, Essie in Flirt and OPI in Bubble Bath.


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