Being Active Again: 8 Happy Things

I`ve started to log some miles again and even went out (I mean it. Outside.) for a swim this morning. I immediately noticed how much better I felt. I was happy that…

  • the snow melted and I didn`t have to go meet my buddy the treadmill. And of course that the sun actually came out!
  • my measured mile time was 7:25 which for me is amazing!
  • I had Apple pancakes as a post run recovery meal.
  • I ran in knee length running tights instead of my ultra warm full length ones. I also skipped the jacket and went for a long sleeved shirt instead.
  • I felt sore from some Nike Training Club workouts on Sunday.
  • I could run on the city island this morning and enjoy the beautiful view along the river and meet fellow runners, skaters, bikers..
  • I went swimming. I haven`t been in forever but it feels so good, and I especially like the warm water when outside it`s only around zero degrees Celsius.
  • I feel a little sore now. Because I know that I have done great!


My delicious pancakes. They were crazy good!Image

My view this morning as I crossed the bridge to go running!


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