Restocking Wardrobe and Beauty Basics for Spring and Summer

As I already announced two days ago, I went on a little shopping trip. I restocked on some wardrobe basics that I can wear with almost everything and bought something fun colored as well for the warm days that will add a fun touch. I also got myself some new beauty things. Go ahead and have a look and let me know what you think!

Basic number one: a perfectly lightweight black blazer with roll-up sleeves, that is very form and figure fitting by Zara. It`s a made from a T-Shirt material and fells beautifully!

For some weird reason I noticed this blazer comes with white/gold buttons (like mine), light grey and dark grey ones. If you plan to pick this up, you can see and check which you like best! It also comes in many other colors (blue, grey, pastel blue, red, …).

Basic number two: a blue and white striped tee made from organic cotton. This is by Zara too. I really like the neckline because it`s not cut to high but also not too low but it is actually very long (and obviously needs to be ironed).

Basic number three: Aviator style sunglasses with a gold frame and cream plastic earpieces. I like that the plastic part goes all the way to the front, because this way the glasses won`t loose their shape like the thin metal ones do. It says MNG in the top and comes with a cream colored little bag that has MANGO stamped into it.

The last clothing item I got is really not a basic, but I love it for summer and am sure they will get a lot of wear. It`s a pair of fuchsia colored pants by Mango! The dangling thing on the left is actually just the top part that is supposed to be tied.

Worn with my favorite pair of black pointed heels by Mango, as well and just a basic white tank. You can see how there is a knot at the left side of the pants, kind of like a belt.

Another way of wearing this – juts combine all of the new pieces and my watch that I wear everyday.

Finally just something beauty related. I got the Syoss Volume Shampoo and Conditioner because I have tried it before and loved it for my curls. It`s also silicone free which I like. And I picked up a new night time moisturizer by Nivea`s pure and natural line, because it`s great for all skin types and it`s nice and thick and sinks in very fast (I`ve only had a tester so far).


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