Oscar Worthy Yves Saint Laurent Make Up Palette

It`s the day of the 84th Annual Academy Awards, so I thought I`d show you something I got from a Duty-free only Black label line by Yves Saint Laurent because it fitting.

Another thing I got from the airports duty free is in my opinion a good starter kit. The Yves Saint Laurent Very YSL Black Edition.

This beautiful black Yves Saint Laurent kit contains four shades of eyeshadow (from top to bottom): Noir, Blanc, Pêche, Brun. A blush Radiance number 4 as well as two shades of lipstick (without names). The set also comes with three applicators/brushes. Though these are really only worst case material. The fact, that a larger sized mirror is included also makes this perfect for travels or on the go.

The two lighter shades do not offer a lot of color but rather a shimmer, but you can work with them. All together, they however do serve as a highlighting shade, an all-over the lid shade, a crease shade and a liner shade. All of them contain glitter, but I think it`s not too bad for everyday wear.



6 thoughts on “Oscar Worthy Yves Saint Laurent Make Up Palette

    • Just my thoughts, they come in handy if you are not someone who needs a lot more than a basic set that includes everything. And all the colors are of course matched to work with each other. I love it! It`s part of my everyday routine now.

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