My Top 5 Online Tools for Runners and Non-Runners

I am a gadgetista, I love smart online tools or apps that help me with everything, like for example working out. Since I love these sites and use or have used them so much, I thought I`d share some of my favorite tools with you! If you have any other great tools, please share them in the comments and also let me know what you think about my top five!

1. GMap Pedometer: If you don`t have a running watch, don`t want to use the GPS on your phone or you are traveling and want to check out possible routes beforehand, the GMap pedometer can help you. You can search for a location and then draw routes either for runners or cyclists, and when there are no streets even manually. It let`s you create out and back routes too. You can also see the elevation of a route, name and save the route for later purposes, print or export it.

2. McMillan Running Calculator: This tool helps you if you have only ever run and measured your time for a specific distance (e.g.) 10K but you would like to know, what your goal time for any other distance is. But it does even more! If you have a running plan that asks for things such as easy runs, tempo runs, etc. you can enter your goal pace and the table will show you the individual paces for any kind of speed workout you might plan to do.

3. Dailymile: For every runner and non-runner who wants to track his workouts, running routes, gear, and whatever additional information he might need, Dailymile is perfect. You can easily create a free account and start logging one of currently 18 activities including Running, Spinning, Yoga, Weights and more. You can enter times and distances as well as your heartrate and make comments. Also, you can follow friends, post updates to your twitter account and much more! Dailymile also lets you connect to iPhones, Androids and Garmins with a bunch of applications.

4. The Treadmill Cheat Sheet: if you have ever had to use a treadmill because of bad weather or whatever reason, you might have discovered that it can be hard to set a specific pace. This sheet converts speeds, pace times and target distances for short and long distances and in miles as well as kilometers. I keep a copy of this in my gym bag – just in case.

5. What to Wear for Runners: If you are not the most experienced runner, you might not know how you can dress appropriately for the weather you are running in. But using this Runner`s World tool you can set the temperature in Celsius as well as Fahrenheit, the wind and weather conditions and personal preferences and it will tell you what clothes are appropriate. There is also an app for both iPhone as well as Android!


5 thoughts on “My Top 5 Online Tools for Runners and Non-Runners

  1. Really great post, thank you for sharing! I have used a couple of these before but some were completely new to me. I have just downloaded the What To Wear While Running App 🙂

    I also use Map My Run which is similar to the first app you mention (

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