Hitting the Pavement – One Mile at a Time

After having been ill, for a while and suffering from icy roads and tons of snow, a few things happened.

  1. The upcoming Half Marathon on April 1st is not going to happen. I`m not in the shape and I don`t want to risk injury. I am however thinking of a future date at which the possibility of snow will be gone completely. I will have time for building a base again and then getting into actual training.
  2. I went out for two not so easy miles. I had to go downhill first and uphill after, but anyways finished and felt great afterwards. I managed to relax a little from a long day at university and all the tasks on my to-do list.
  3. I ran without music and concentrated on myself. I listened to my breathing, focused on my stride, let go of things. I felt good, personally, apart from the fact that the run itself was not the easiest. But I finished!
  4. I am ready for running again. I am ready to leave my never-ending cold behind (how come I`ve had one three times since the beginning of the year? It`s only just February! Not normal9. Finally, I am ready to be inspired and to have good runs and great days!

Just some things that happened lately.


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