Snapshots from my Life

The past couple of days a ton of things happened. My second semester at University started on Monday and I met many new people and got a whole bunch of new professors and lecturers. My spanish courses started, too so now I am on level B1.2. Also, it has been snowing like crazy. Yesterday my eyes were tearing really badly from sitting in a freshly painted classroom for two hours. I had trouble even reading the letters in my notebook. And finally right now German politics are awaiting a major statement from our President.

This week I…

…watched the sun set.

…finally found the perfect shoes, after a lot of shopping.

…wore my bright pink lipstick along with my favorite denim shirt.

…spent a lot of time with my baby Kutja.

…cleaned my car from the dirt it got in Italy (here, here, here and here).

…celebrated Valentine`s Day.

…got up early for classes and drove under the blue sky.

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Finally, how did you spend your week?


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