Shared Love

Happy Valentine`s Day!

If for some reason you haven`t noticed already by the red and pink shades all around, it`s Valentine`s Day! I didn`t celebrate, but I believe that is important to share your love on any given day of the calendar year. As for example done here.

I have two good friends from Ukraine who brought me two very lovely presents, for no bigger reason, but I think it was such a nice gesture. So I thought I`d show you!

Here are the coziest socks that will keep you warm even in -30 degrees Celsius (bought in a region where it was just that cold) and the perfect pair of shoes. Perfect, because it is made of chocolate! I can`t even get over that sweetness!

I also added a tiny little red heart to my overall casual outfit today. Here it is:

Now, I hope you have an amazing day. I also hope that you around the people you love, and I encourage you to tell them that you do. I hope you, too receive a gift of love every once in a while, or better even, go ahead and share one! This could be anything. Do something good and call an old friend. Send a thank you note or bake cookies for your neighbors. And also, do something good for yourself and indulge a little!

I hope you all have a lovely day! Tell me, how do you celebrate, if so, and what little gifts did you recently give or get or what would you like to give? 


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