Read Recently: L.A. Candy Novels by Lauren Conrad

I love reading and always did. Still, for some reason, I haven`t gotten around to tackle any books on my reading list lately. Now that I had some weeks off from studying and preparing for classes, I got through a few of the books that I would call “casual/easy reads” (a guilty pleasure). I read the L.A. Candy series by Lauren Conrad (L.A. Candy, Sugar and Spice, Sweet Little Lies).

I finished each of these books in more or less one sitting or one day each. So, I thought I`d do a tiny review!

As for all of these, Lauren Conrad books are truly easy reads. The language is easy, the story is simple. If you watched The Hills (I personally have only seen a few episodes), the general idea will sound very familiar. Four girls living in L.A. are discovered to be the stars for a new reality TV Show called “L.A. Candy”. They are Jane, who works for an event agency and her best friend Scarlett who is a college student and whom Jane shares a flat with. The other two main characters are Madison and Gaby.

Lauren Conrad herself says, that she “wanted this book to be like (her) life, being signed on to The Hills”.

In these books, there are boys and drama, breakups and makeups, a ton of pedicures, workouts and the upsides and downsides of life as a reality TV star. I do think, the series is different to other “easy reads” because Lauren Conrad knows what she is talking or rather writing about.

I would recommend these books as a beach read or for a train ride or flight because in my opinion they are fun and cute.


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