Currently Craving: Make Up Edition

If you read my very first post about my New Year`s Resolutions, you know that I am trying to improve my Make Up skills from my almost-less-than-beginner ones (basically applying mascara, using moisturizer, lip balm and I am out the house) to an acceptable every day look.

I am looking for something natural, easy and quick, that highlights what I like most about my face and hides the little blemishes which I don`t like. Now, I do not tend to break out and have only minimal scaring left from the times that I did (a little). So I guess a tinted moisturizer should be the most I am going to wear (if even). I have heard great things about the Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua and think it could match what I am looking for. I would like to wear a tiny bit of blush, and liked the look of Nude Peach by Bobbi Brown, when I swatched it at my local Douglas.

One of the things I like most are my eyes, so I want to make them stand out a little more by adding a thin line of black liner along the upper lash line and of course use some Mascara as well. I do not, however, want to have to bother with applying different colored eyeshadows to my brow bone, lid, crease, inner and outer corner, etc. just yet.

So, here you can find a few things that I imagine might be great as a start and that would build a good base for a daily routine.

If you have any tips and tricks, please share them in the comments!


11 thoughts on “Currently Craving: Make Up Edition

  1. Good call on keeping daytime makeup minimal, I downsized my makeup bag a couple of years ago and now I can go from zero to hero in 4 minutes!

    I recommend finding a great moisturiser and a beauty serum (e.g. the Boots No.7 Protect & Perfect Serum) I use it and it makes such a difference to my skin. It really gives you that “just airbrushed” glow!

    I also recommend going with a tinted moisturiser, Laura Mercier is my favourite although I do find it gives coverage that is a bit too full for my day-to-day routine. I ‘cut’ it with my regular non-tinted moisturiser to get a lighter coverage that sinks into my skin.

    • Wow! Thank you so much for your tips! I’m definitely going to need to find a new Moisturizer since the one I currently use does nothing for me. Also I was thinking about adding a Serum, but because I have ner used any before, I had no idea where to start looking and what to look for!
      Thanks again, I will try out your recommendations!

  2. Ooh, and I really recommend the Laura Mercier Secret Concealer for under eyes. It also makes a good base if you do apply eyeshadow, so it stays on longer. A small amount of white eyeshadow on the inner corners of your eyes (near the nose) will make your eyes look wider and brighter, and would complement the eyeliner you want to wear 🙂

    • Not this particular one, but I have used Burt’s Bees and also some of their tinted balm versions and liked them a lot. They are not drying and I have read great reviews on this type as well!

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