Restocking Wardrobe and Beauty Basics for Spring and Summer

As I already announced two days ago, I went on a little shopping trip. I restocked on some wardrobe basics that I can wear with almost everything and bought something fun colored as well for the warm days that will add a fun touch. I also got myself some new beauty things. Go ahead and have a look and let me know what you think!

Basic number one: a perfectly lightweight black blazer with roll-up sleeves, that is very form and figure fitting by Zara. It`s a made from a T-Shirt material and fells beautifully!

For some weird reason I noticed this blazer comes with white/gold buttons (like mine), light grey and dark grey ones. If you plan to pick this up, you can see and check which you like best! It also comes in many other colors (blue, grey, pastel blue, red, …).

Basic number two: a blue and white striped tee made from organic cotton. This is by Zara too. I really like the neckline because it`s not cut to high but also not too low but it is actually very long (and obviously needs to be ironed).

Basic number three: Aviator style sunglasses with a gold frame and cream plastic earpieces. I like that the plastic part goes all the way to the front, because this way the glasses won`t loose their shape like the thin metal ones do. It says MNG in the top and comes with a cream colored little bag that has MANGO stamped into it.

The last clothing item I got is really not a basic, but I love it for summer and am sure they will get a lot of wear. It`s a pair of fuchsia colored pants by Mango! The dangling thing on the left is actually just the top part that is supposed to be tied.

Worn with my favorite pair of black pointed heels by Mango, as well and just a basic white tank. You can see how there is a knot at the left side of the pants, kind of like a belt.

Another way of wearing this – juts combine all of the new pieces and my watch that I wear everyday.

Finally just something beauty related. I got the Syoss Volume Shampoo and Conditioner because I have tried it before and loved it for my curls. It`s also silicone free which I like. And I picked up a new night time moisturizer by Nivea`s pure and natural line, because it`s great for all skin types and it`s nice and thick and sinks in very fast (I`ve only had a tester so far).


Oscar Worthy Yves Saint Laurent Make Up Palette

It`s the day of the 84th Annual Academy Awards, so I thought I`d show you something I got from a Duty-free only Black label line by Yves Saint Laurent because it fitting.

Another thing I got from the airports duty free is in my opinion a good starter kit. The Yves Saint Laurent Very YSL Black Edition.

This beautiful black Yves Saint Laurent kit contains four shades of eyeshadow (from top to bottom): Noir, Blanc, Pêche, Brun. A blush Radiance number 4 as well as two shades of lipstick (without names). The set also comes with three applicators/brushes. Though these are really only worst case material. The fact, that a larger sized mirror is included also makes this perfect for travels or on the go.

The two lighter shades do not offer a lot of color but rather a shimmer, but you can work with them. All together, they however do serve as a highlighting shade, an all-over the lid shade, a crease shade and a liner shade. All of them contain glitter, but I think it`s not too bad for everyday wear.


My Top 5 Online Tools for Runners and Non-Runners

I am a gadgetista, I love smart online tools or apps that help me with everything, like for example working out. Since I love these sites and use or have used them so much, I thought I`d share some of my favorite tools with you! If you have any other great tools, please share them in the comments and also let me know what you think about my top five!

1. GMap Pedometer: If you don`t have a running watch, don`t want to use the GPS on your phone or you are traveling and want to check out possible routes beforehand, the GMap pedometer can help you. You can search for a location and then draw routes either for runners or cyclists, and when there are no streets even manually. It let`s you create out and back routes too. You can also see the elevation of a route, name and save the route for later purposes, print or export it.

2. McMillan Running Calculator: This tool helps you if you have only ever run and measured your time for a specific distance (e.g.) 10K but you would like to know, what your goal time for any other distance is. But it does even more! If you have a running plan that asks for things such as easy runs, tempo runs, etc. you can enter your goal pace and the table will show you the individual paces for any kind of speed workout you might plan to do.

3. Dailymile: For every runner and non-runner who wants to track his workouts, running routes, gear, and whatever additional information he might need, Dailymile is perfect. You can easily create a free account and start logging one of currently 18 activities including Running, Spinning, Yoga, Weights and more. You can enter times and distances as well as your heartrate and make comments. Also, you can follow friends, post updates to your twitter account and much more! Dailymile also lets you connect to iPhones, Androids and Garmins with a bunch of applications.

4. The Treadmill Cheat Sheet: if you have ever had to use a treadmill because of bad weather or whatever reason, you might have discovered that it can be hard to set a specific pace. This sheet converts speeds, pace times and target distances for short and long distances and in miles as well as kilometers. I keep a copy of this in my gym bag – just in case.

5. What to Wear for Runners: If you are not the most experienced runner, you might not know how you can dress appropriately for the weather you are running in. But using this Runner`s World tool you can set the temperature in Celsius as well as Fahrenheit, the wind and weather conditions and personal preferences and it will tell you what clothes are appropriate. There is also an app for both iPhone as well as Android!

Spring is Coming! An Inspiration Board

Since the sun is finally out and the temperatures are around ten degrees celsius, I was inspired to put together some of the things that inspire me right now. It`s not the classic pastel colors mostly, but rather some thick chunky heels or wedges, bright pops of pink or coral, as well as layering pieces such as scarves or blazers. And of course because spring is coming: some bright nails, lips (MAC`s Impassioned) and sunglasses. I think that a pair of Ray Ban`s is going to move in with me soon. I just can not decide which ones to choose yet. Probably going for some aviators, though!

Ray Ban Sunglasses, Mango scarf , Elizabeth and James blazer, Zara sandals, Marni by H&M necklace, Zara peep toes, Essie nail polish, MAC Impassioned lipstick, Kate Spade statement necklace, Zara wedges

Tomorrow I plan to hit some stores and see if I can find some things that I would like!

All of the Essie spring nail polishes. My favorite one is the olé caliente, followed closely by a crewed interest and tour de finance.

What are you dreaming off for spring? What are going to be (closet) additions and what are you looking forward to in general?

Now, I will go out for a run, because I feel good! Hope you have an amazing day!

Hitting the Pavement – One Mile at a Time

After having been ill, for a while and suffering from icy roads and tons of snow, a few things happened.

  1. The upcoming Half Marathon on April 1st is not going to happen. I`m not in the shape and I don`t want to risk injury. I am however thinking of a future date at which the possibility of snow will be gone completely. I will have time for building a base again and then getting into actual training.
  2. I went out for two not so easy miles. I had to go downhill first and uphill after, but anyways finished and felt great afterwards. I managed to relax a little from a long day at university and all the tasks on my to-do list.
  3. I ran without music and concentrated on myself. I listened to my breathing, focused on my stride, let go of things. I felt good, personally, apart from the fact that the run itself was not the easiest. But I finished!
  4. I am ready for running again. I am ready to leave my never-ending cold behind (how come I`ve had one three times since the beginning of the year? It`s only just February! Not normal9. Finally, I am ready to be inspired and to have good runs and great days!

Just some things that happened lately.

New in (Beauty): Love, Chloé Perfume

Love, Chloé

This product has been on one of my wishlists for a long, long time.

First of all, there was the packaging. I will always smell perfumes that have a pretty packaging. Since I love gold, especially rose gold, and a very sleek design, I knew, this scent was one that I had to try out. The scent is inspired by the “intimacy of the beauty ritual”.

Love, Chloé is flowery, feminine and powdery, also sophisticated, also it lasts very long (I still smell it, after having used it more than 12 hours ago). Because my nose is not very trained, I looked up the notes. They include: orange blossom, pink pepper, iris absolute, lilac, hyacinth, wisteria blossom, heliotropine, powdery musks, talc and rice powder (Source).

This will definitely be my new go to scent (I like having one or two scents that I can come back to but also associate smells with events, etc).

Aqua and Gold – DIY

I love making things myself. Even better if it saves me some money, or I can personalize things. I have a folder in my bookmarks bar titled “DIY” where I will save links to things I want to try out. Another favorite resource would be Pinterest (of course!).

Recently I made this necklace, and this is how it came out:

Any DIY`ers out there? What was your last project?

Snapshots from my Life

The past couple of days a ton of things happened. My second semester at University started on Monday and I met many new people and got a whole bunch of new professors and lecturers. My spanish courses started, too so now I am on level B1.2. Also, it has been snowing like crazy. Yesterday my eyes were tearing really badly from sitting in a freshly painted classroom for two hours. I had trouble even reading the letters in my notebook. And finally right now German politics are awaiting a major statement from our President.

This week I…

…watched the sun set.

…finally found the perfect shoes, after a lot of shopping.

…wore my bright pink lipstick along with my favorite denim shirt.

…spent a lot of time with my baby Kutja.

…cleaned my car from the dirt it got in Italy (here, here, here and here).

…celebrated Valentine`s Day.

…got up early for classes and drove under the blue sky.

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Finally, how did you spend your week?

Shared Love

Happy Valentine`s Day!

If for some reason you haven`t noticed already by the red and pink shades all around, it`s Valentine`s Day! I didn`t celebrate, but I believe that is important to share your love on any given day of the calendar year. As for example done here.

I have two good friends from Ukraine who brought me two very lovely presents, for no bigger reason, but I think it was such a nice gesture. So I thought I`d show you!

Here are the coziest socks that will keep you warm even in -30 degrees Celsius (bought in a region where it was just that cold) and the perfect pair of shoes. Perfect, because it is made of chocolate! I can`t even get over that sweetness!

I also added a tiny little red heart to my overall casual outfit today. Here it is:

Now, I hope you have an amazing day. I also hope that you around the people you love, and I encourage you to tell them that you do. I hope you, too receive a gift of love every once in a while, or better even, go ahead and share one! This could be anything. Do something good and call an old friend. Send a thank you note or bake cookies for your neighbors. And also, do something good for yourself and indulge a little!

I hope you all have a lovely day! Tell me, how do you celebrate, if so, and what little gifts did you recently give or get or what would you like to give?