Thankful for…

…having finished my last exam today (Spanish) and now being able to enjoy two weeks of doing nothing study related. Only watching movies on the couch, working out whenever I feel like it, traveling abroad…

…my new schedule: no classes on Friday!

…running up a hill today and feeling amazing afterwards.

…Michael Jackson while being stuck in a ginormous traffic jam. “Smooth Criminal” came up after news, weather and traffic information (I knew I was stuck, thank you!).

EcoCafe. I discovered this organic coffee house in Budapest last week and tried it out today before my exam. Here I got great service (in English!) (at my seat!), fresh food (they make fresh sandwiches, salads, etc. and everything is affordable!

Green Tea with Jasmine and Plain Yoghurt with Jam and sweet nut and crisps mix.

Picture via my Instagram, follow me at with_anna

…Lauren Conrad. I found a lot of inspiration on what to pack for my upcoming trip in her book “Style”.

…finding a birthday present for my Dad, finally.

What are you thankful for right now? Share in the comments!


2 thoughts on “Thankful for…

  1. aww!! love! it’s so nice to see posts where ppl are consciously thinking about things they’re thankful for! i need to do that more hahah :p if anything i’m most thankful for my loving hubby :)!

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