Traveller`s Style

I have been getting around quite a lot in the past month and soon will be leaving on another trip. Where? You will find out soon!

For traveling I always chose the most versatile, muted basics so that I can pack light but add jewelry, scarves or shoes that add a little something. I do have quite a selection of basics, but if I could go out and update some of the pieces, this would be what I`d choose:


  • Ray Ban Wayfarers
  • Rolled up boyfriend jeans or Skinny Jeans
  • Blue blazer (I was actually looking for a velvet one I saw in stores today, but couldn`t find it)
  • Loose fitting white T-shirt
  • Isabel Marant Dickie boots
  • Comfortable silk pyjamas for feeling great in beautiful hotel rooms
  • Red cashmere scarf

If you could update your traveller`s wardrobe, what would you choose?


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