Sharing the Love

These are just things I have recently tried out and liked so much that I thought I would share them with you guys.

  • Workout“The Core” – A great and intense workout by the beautiful runner Lauren (Health on the Run). I tried this out myself and I must say it IS intense. But it feels amazing. I was sore the morning after and I knew I would be, but I love to be able to feel that I actually did something great to my body.
  • Meal: “Sweet Apple Couscous” – A great vegetarian meal for those who like to have something sweat as their main course. This is a recipe that Aliya (Aliya LeeKong) posted quite a while ago and that I keep coming back to. Since I`m often not lucky enough to find apples in stores that actually taste like apples, I add some apple sauce to the cooking apples in the skillet.

  • DIY“Wrap Bracelet” – I love making my own Jewelry every now and then. This tutorial is really easy and looks great. Also, you can easily customize it! Look at the other tutorials on the blog (Honestly WTF) too, they are all amazing!
  • Random: Pinterest. Yes. Seriously. If you haven`t tried it out, you definitely should. Once I start browsing and pinning I can not stop. Pinterest keeps me occupied for hours and it offers tons of inspiration.

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