Wednesday`s Wishes

Besides obviously wishing for my cold to finally be over, these are just a few things that I am craving right now:

1. delicious macarons, 2. Something sparkly to add a bit of glitter to my manicure, 3. a great pair of nude flats, 4. a signature scent (this will be my next try), 5. and scent for the house, 6. a good bronzer.

What is inspiring you or part of your wishlist?


15 thoughts on “Wednesday`s Wishes

  1. Ooh, macaroooons! What is your favourite flavour? I could eat raspberry macaroons morning, noon and night and unfortunately my office is a stone’s throw from the Ladurée on Piccadilly so temptation is always on my path. I’ve solved the potential crisis by allowing them only as a celebration after a half marathon or longer run. I can’t wait for my next event!

    • Thank you for your comment,
      I absolutely love macarons, they are just the perfect mixture of crispy and soft and sweet. It actually took me forever to finally find a bakery here in Hungary that sells them, and they only always have about three to four different flavors. But so far I can agree that raspberry is really, really good, and generally I will prefer fruity flavors. Eventhough I usually love chocolate I didn`t like chocholate too much in macarons.
      The best thing is, that they are jus so pretty! 🙂 But I would go broke if I lived close to a Ladurée.

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