Back home!

I´m finally back home after a spontaneous weekend trip to meet my best friend from high school who studies abroad. We had lots of fun and I completely ignored anything computer or internet related for the weekend.

I had to find my next train in the little booklet, I had to wait in the freezing cold, I took my favorite luggage: just a hard shell suitcase and my long handle dark blue Longchamp with my initials that fits my Laptop (I also took my little Michael Kors bag which is not on the picture) and finally I arrived – or almost – at my destination!

And what is not pictured: I ate too much of all the good things, I saw Happy New Year at the movies and paid an insane amount of money for sweet popcorn and I ate at a famous traditional restaurant that was really not my style and where I could not understand large parts of the menu.

AND! I crosse something off of my resolutions list! I traveled somewhere, where I have not been before: Bamberg, Germany.

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