Enjoying the Small Things

Today I finished my last exam for the first semester. Now I only have another presentation coming up next week and then I can enjoy some days off classes until the second semester starts.

To celebrate this, I enjoyed all the little things in life, that I did not have time for over the past weeks.

I went to the gym for todays run because it was icy outside and I did not want to slip on the frozen ground. Then I enjoyed lunch and just took some hours off to read through some of my favorite blogs, and just relax. In the evening I had to go back to town to get to my Spanish class and now I am at home relaxing on the couch. Below, you can see a picture I took of the view from my balcony – just the simple things! I had not had time to enjoy this and now I am taking it all in.

Tomorrow I will still be busy, working on the presentation but in the evening I got tickets for the opera (a christmas present from me to my dad), to see La Bohème. On thursday, I`m leaving for a short trip to see my best friend from high school who moved and whom I have not seen since last summer! I am really excited, especially because I think it is so important to keep up and take time for good friends!

The rest of tonight will be spent reading the novel One Day, and then I will go to bed and sleep in tomorrow.

Hope you can take the time to enjoy the little things as well! Anything that made your day today?


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