Perfectly Pale

When I discovered OPI`s nail polish in the shade Bubble Bath, I found my perfectly pale, everyday nail color. I do love a pop of color, bright nails, dark hues, glitter and classic red, but I also find myself gravitating towards a simple nude tone more and more.

I use Sally Hansen`s Hard as Nails as a base but actually don`t really need the extra strengthening, because my nails are really strong anyways. That is also why I use the nail clippers and not a file. The gold ones are just by H&M and came in a little set of Pedicure utensils.

My favorite hand cream of all times is by L`occitane. It is a bit more expensive, but sinks into the skin really fast and smells very good! It keeps my hands moisturized for a long time.


9 thoughts on “Perfectly Pale

  1. Beautiful shade! I always stick to shades like this for my hands (then go crazy with the colours when I have a pedicure). I haven’t tried many OPI products, but I’m coming to the end of my current bottle of Jessica polish so may give this one a go assuming that I can find somewhere that stocks it.

    • Thank you! I think you should definitely try them out if you can. For me they rarely chip and dry very fast if you don’t apply a really thick layer. And since I hate waiting for the polish to dry, that is definitely important for me! Good luck with it and let me know if you like the polish if you happen to try it out as well!

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