This week I…

I love Instagram, so here are a few snapshots I took, to show what I spent my first week of 2012 with!

If you use Instagram as well, feel free to follow me under with_anna .






saved money in my gold piggybank, arranged some of my favorite nail polish colors so that they are always on display, came back home from a skiing trip, studied at the library and took an exam, took many pictures with my new camera, started a new book, went out for a run, made plans and finally started a blog.


6 thoughts on “This week I…

  1. I, too, am a fan of putting lovely things on display! Love the nail polish 🙂 How did you like “One Day” ? It didn’t get so great reviews . . . I just watched “Crazy, Stupid Love” for the second time and was not disappointed! Finally another movie since “The Notebook” worthy of Ryan Gosling’s talent!

    My blog, like yours, is still very new, but I have some DIY’s and an article about healthy-eating you might enjoy 🙂

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Hi, thank you. I actually didn’t have the time to completely finish One Day, but I’m not really a fan. It’s not bad but really nothing too good either.
      I will definitely check out your blog now! Thank you!

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