Some Little Goody Goods

I don`t know if you have tried these out or even just heard of them but there are some great hair pins on the market that will spare you all those bobby pins that you always loose or have to pull out at night. To be honest, the hair pins pictured below are not the goody ones but just a pair I found at my local drugstore. However, they are absolutely amazing. My signature hairstyle is a high bun and these make it so much easier and they are so much better for your hair. I hat having to put my natural curly hair in a hair tie because I know how bad it is. But i also hate having to keep a stack of bobby pins  that will be lost within a few wears anyways and then just pop up at random places in the house.

With the Spin pins, you just roll your hair up or pull it into a pony tail or just arrange it however you like and then you basically screw in the two pins clockwise. That is really all it takes! To take them back out, you just unscrew them and you are done! I only just discovered them for my self but since they work not only for day to day wear but also for running and exercises, I am sure these will become a trusty staple.

Have you tried Spin pins and did you like them?

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2 thoughts on “Some Little Goody Goods

  1. Wow I had a pair of those when I was little (although at the time I had absolutely no idea how to use them lol) and have been looking for a pair for ages now!!! But unfortunately they aren’t sold anywhere in Portugal, at least I can’t seem to find a store that does…and the saleswomen always look at me like I’m insane when I try to explain what I want =X


    • I honestly didn`t even bother asking, no one would have understood me. Then one day I was lucky enough to find them.
      Maybe try Amazon or Ebay if you are willing? There is tons of great things like this on the market.

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