How to Adjust the Plan…

…or simply brake it completely?

My plan for the first Monday of 2012 was to start getting things done and my to-do list was long.  I wanted to go on my first run, but only came back home when it was already dark outside – and I do not like running alone in the dark.

Also, I wanted to use the day for studying and preparing for my upcoming Semester finals – now I might have to use the night. Again, I`m a morning person actually.

I did, however, go shopping at the drugstore and I did manage to return my Information and Communication Technology book to the library in time. But, I did not finish reading it, so I had to take pictures of all the pages that I had not gone through yet and will have to read those on my laptop now.

So, my first lesson I learned in 2012 is that I have to stop postponing and stop procrastinating but start working hard and keeping to my To-Do list which is getting longer and longer.

Right now I am finally starting to work on the studying that I still have to do. And I am also enjoying a cup of loose leaf christmas tea, which I bought at my favorite tea shop before the holidays.

The tea is called Apple Cake and it smells just like a freshly baked one! Because I couldn`t find our tea egg, I bought some tea bags that you can fill up yourself. If you wonder, the tea contains black tea, grapes, pieces of apple, sliced almonds and flavor. It`s honestly sooo good! I strongly advise you to come to Hungary just to try out Luis Tea and Gourmet shop (the place I got this at).



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