12 Resolutions for 12 Months of 2012, Plus 1 to Check Off!

Happy New Year 2012!

I love making lists about everything and New Years is a perfect opportunity! Of course the most important one includes my new year`s resolutions for 2012. I never used to make any resolutions but over the past couple of years I seriously got a hang out of it and start thinking and writing down possible resolutions for the next year months in advance. Besides the obvious: live healthy, workout regularly, study hard, be good, I have some more specific goals for the upcoming year.

  • Start a blog! (Klick!) I love writing, I want to learn how to take proper pictures since I got a “grown-up” camera for christmas (Sony SLT Alpha 35) and I would love to get feedback on the topics that I plan to write about. This includes my running journey as well as fashion, beauty, lifestyle and anything else I can think of in the future. And because I accomplished this goal hereby, I might as well check it off my list!
  • Finish my first half marathon! Last year after having gotten into the whole working out and running thing, I already signed up for a half. It was in early September and I was actually prepared quite well, but then I just kind of hit the wall somewhere in the final miles and stopped. This year, there is going to be a half on April 1st in the beautiful town I live in: Budapest and this time I want to cross the finish line proudly!
  • Think about a marathon in october? I know I haven`t even run my first Half, but there is still a tiny option that I might, maybe consider signing up for the full 26.2 miles. But since right now this is crazy and I still have more than 10 months to get ready, let`s just keep this as a little side note.
  • Try out a Yoga class! I have never tried Yoga. Back in middle school we had a teacher who talked us through some basics, and did some easy things with us, but that does not count. I want to find out what everyone is talking about and I am eager to try it out ASAP.
  • Go to a spinning class! I know, shame on me, this is also something I have never done before. I have just always been terrified of the soreness and never wanted to be the newbie. But I know that`s stupid, so spinning it is.
  • And while I`m at it: take a Pilates class as well! Why not? I have never done this before either, and one year should be long enough to get this done with.
  • Learn how to swim proper Freestyle! I know, it`s a shame. I learned how to swim back when I was in kindergarten but I never really made it any further than a simple breaststroke. I do swim backstroke regularly because it`s supposed to be good for my spine, but I never got the whole Freestyle thing. My swimming teacher never taught me properly, so as soon as I start I will either just drown because, probably, my leg kicking is not good enough or strong enough (I don`t even know!) or I don`t get enough air or something else happens.
  • Plus, I need to start swimming straight lines when swimming backstroke, because I keep on swimming left and right or hitting others (if this was you: I`m very sorry!) – but this is a minor thing.
  • One more workout related thing: strength train regularly! I have done this every once in a while, but of course that will not improve anything, so obviously I need to change that.
  • Travel to a new place! (Klick!) I have traveled quite a lot, over the years. I have seen big parts of Europe and drove from east coast to west coast and back in the US twice. I have been to Africa and I even spent about thirty minutes in Asia during my trip to Istanbul, Turkey in 2010.
  • Go to Paris! Need I say more? I have been there when I was younger, but I really want to go back! See the Eiffel tower, eat french baguette, and so on.
  • Learn how to do a proper face makeup! Most days I apply some Mascara, sometimes some eyeliner, occasionally I will use eye shadow and on my lips you will find only chapstick most of the days. Sometimes there is a pop of pink or red, but that`s about it. It`s time to set up an everyday look that works.
  • Find a signature scent! I am so sensitive about smells that I will probably not manage to do this, but at least I can give it a try. Right now I`m using up Coco by Chanel which I do like but got bored of and the Burberry London fragrance which I find is more unique but I often do not like.

So, I got 12 resolutions down for the 12 months of 2012. And hopefully in a year`s time from now, I can come back and have them all checked off!

I hope you all have an amazing year of 2012 and make the best out of it! I also cross my fingers for every single one of you to achieve all of your resolutions!

What is on your list of resolutions for 2012?


6 thoughts on “12 Resolutions for 12 Months of 2012, Plus 1 to Check Off!

  1. These are great resolutions, I like the fitness related ones. You´ll love yoga, I much prefer it to pilates, it helps with my posture, flexibility, stress levels and generally helps me sleep better. Pilates is definitely a killer for the abs lol. Good luck and happy 2012 for you.

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  3. I also love making lists of everything! And i would like to try pilates too, should be fun 🙂 Have a great 2012 and i hope you be able to check all these resolutions 🙂 xoxo

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