Roadtrip to Italy – Part 2: Milan & Florence

I was not too impressed by the city Milan itself, but for shopping? Wow! Florence however I prefer for its architecture, the pretty corners, just a general flair. And now, the pictures:

The Dome in Milan.

The stunning Galleria, with some high end shops, some restaurants, and a lot of people. There is a constant noise going on.

The Dome in Florence from the front…

…and side.

Ponte Vecchio, full of jewelry stores.

Florence at night. As for all images: click to enlarge!

A replica of Michelangelo`s David.

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Roadtrip to Italy – Part 1: Venice & Verona

If you followed my twitter, you might have found out, that my road trip lead me to beautiful Italy! For these posts, I will let the pictures speak!Image

The Casino at twilight, as seen from ferry line number 2.

The Rialto bridge.

San Marco square at night.

View from the top of the Arena in Verona.
Juliet`s balcony from Romeo and Juliet.
Lovers can put a lock here, with for example their names and…
…many sign the wall!

Lessons Learned: Shopping and Reality

Last week I went strolling through what was left over of the sales (what used to be a danger zone but what I can handle well now) when I saw an outfit from the new Zara collections put together smartly. In theory it contained basics: a polka dotted blouse with a v-neck, light blue skinny jeans (which I think were cropped to ankle length), a brown satin blazer and beige boots with a rather short heel. I knew I did not want to try it on, because I did not want to buy it, so I passed on at went home. Later that day I could not get the outfit out of my head. It reminded me of sets that I have had in my head for a while (most of which I could create if I shopped my own closet). Image

The next day I went back to Zara. I drove all the way down to the mall at which I saw the outfit, picked up some pieces and headed right to the dressing room. I took my time. Put on the blouse and jacket carefully, to really see if I liked it. Then I put on the shoes with my own jeans (another lesson I have learned: Zara denim usually stretches too much – so pass!). I looked at the mirror but I was not quite satisfied. The blouse was pretty, but too flowy, I have had a simple blouse with a v-neck on my wishlist for quite a while, but this just did not do anything for my pear shaped figure. The blazer? It was fine, I liked it, but it was definitely not a must-have. And finally the ankle boots? Yes, I liked them, I did not think they were perfect, but I liked them.

My original inspiration for a v-neck blouse: Lauren Conrads look in her book Style.

I ended up passing on everything. But I learned a few lessons:

  1. When something strikes you: why not give it a try! Only this way you can find out about your opinion in the end.
  2. Remember what you need or wanted for a longer time, to avoid impulse buys.
  3. Be honest: the outfit seemed perfect. Maybe it looked great in the spot (on models!, tailored, photoshopped…), maybe you were just craving “something new”? But never lie to yourself in the dressing room.
  4. Invest some time and consider yourself, get to know your body shape and do your research. What really suits you? What do you like?
  5. Take your time and think it over whenever you are unsure.
  6. Consider Quality over Quantity. Basics over trends. Needs or long-time wish list items over wishes.

This will not keep you from ever buying items on impulse. It is also not a key to a capsule wardrobe. But I think it is an important lesson and step to take. What do you think about these lessons? What are lessons you have learned?

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La Dolce Vita

The sweet life. I`m fully enjoying my weeks off, before classes start again. After packing my luggage for our upcoming trip, I sat back, put my legs up and spent most of my day doing nothing at all. I watched the Ugly Truth and ate some fresh Brioche with sugar on top. Tomorrow morning I am going to leave on our road trip. Any guesses where I am going? Image

You will find out the answer(s) soon!

Thankful for…

…having finished my last exam today (Spanish) and now being able to enjoy two weeks of doing nothing study related. Only watching movies on the couch, working out whenever I feel like it, traveling abroad…

…my new schedule: no classes on Friday!

…running up a hill today and feeling amazing afterwards.

…Michael Jackson while being stuck in a ginormous traffic jam. “Smooth Criminal” came up after news, weather and traffic information (I knew I was stuck, thank you!).

EcoCafe. I discovered this organic coffee house in Budapest last week and tried it out today before my exam. Here I got great service (in English!) (at my seat!), fresh food (they make fresh sandwiches, salads, etc. and everything is affordable!

Green Tea with Jasmine and Plain Yoghurt with Jam and sweet nut and crisps mix.

Picture via my Instagram, follow me at with_anna

…Lauren Conrad. I found a lot of inspiration on what to pack for my upcoming trip in her book “Style”.

…finding a birthday present for my Dad, finally.

What are you thankful for right now? Share in the comments!

Traveller`s Style

I have been getting around quite a lot in the past month and soon will be leaving on another trip. Where? You will find out soon!

For traveling I always chose the most versatile, muted basics so that I can pack light but add jewelry, scarves or shoes that add a little something. I do have quite a selection of basics, but if I could go out and update some of the pieces, this would be what I`d choose:


  • Ray Ban Wayfarers
  • Rolled up boyfriend jeans or Skinny Jeans
  • Blue blazer (I was actually looking for a velvet one I saw in stores today, but couldn`t find it)
  • Loose fitting white T-shirt
  • Isabel Marant Dickie boots
  • Comfortable silk pyjamas for feeling great in beautiful hotel rooms
  • Red cashmere scarf

If you could update your traveller`s wardrobe, what would you choose?

Sharing the Love

These are just things I have recently tried out and liked so much that I thought I would share them with you guys.

  • Workout“The Core” – A great and intense workout by the beautiful runner Lauren (Health on the Run). I tried this out myself and I must say it IS intense. But it feels amazing. I was sore the morning after and I knew I would be, but I love to be able to feel that I actually did something great to my body.
  • Meal: “Sweet Apple Couscous” – A great vegetarian meal for those who like to have something sweat as their main course. This is a recipe that Aliya (Aliya LeeKong) posted quite a while ago and that I keep coming back to. Since I`m often not lucky enough to find apples in stores that actually taste like apples, I add some apple sauce to the cooking apples in the skillet.

  • DIY“Wrap Bracelet” – I love making my own Jewelry every now and then. This tutorial is really easy and looks great. Also, you can easily customize it! Look at the other tutorials on the blog (Honestly WTF) too, they are all amazing!
  • Random: Pinterest. Yes. Seriously. If you haven`t tried it out, you definitely should. Once I start browsing and pinning I can not stop. Pinterest keeps me occupied for hours and it offers tons of inspiration.

What`s in my Bag?

My favorite bag for everyday is definitely my Michael Kors Jet Set Crossbody in the color Peanut with silver hardware. I take this bag to university for running around the campus and to town for shopping trips, etc. It usually just serves as my wallet and is small enough to hold only necessities like keys and phone. Take a look!

  • Michael Kors Jet Set Crossbody Bag in Peanut
  • Apple headphones (I use these when I have to answer a phone call while driving, because I don`t have a headset)
  • Car key and home keys
  • Euro bills
  • Forint bills
  • Euro coins
  • iPhone
  • Little bag that came with a pedicure set by H&M – it holds:
  • Carmex (without the wrapper)
  • Floss
  • Three bobby pins
  • Hair tie (because I throw my hair up in a messy bun as soon as I leave the house)
  • Eye drops for dry eyes (especially when I drive longer distances)
  • Paracetamol pain relief
  • not in this picture, but you can slightly see them above: credit cards, student ID, drivers license, health insurance card, and some other various cards.

10 Facts About Me

Since I`m fairly new to the blogging world, and I would like to share a little bit about myself, here are some random facts about me:


  1. I lived in my home country Germany for only two years all together.
  2. My dog is named “Dog” in Hungarian (we used to have a cat that was named “Cat” in russian).
  3. I hate clutter so much, that I will throw things out when I can not find a proper place to put them.
  4. I hate peoples` statuses on Facebook but love Twitter.
  5. My favorite flowers are white peonies and ranunculus.
  6. I love eating Nutella, but will not try any other chocolate-hazelnut spread.
  7. When I eat granola with dried banana pieces in it, I will try to pick them all out.
  8. I can not stand when my warm food gets cold before I finished eating. Therefore I would love to own a plate heating drawer in the future.
  9. I love the sugary glacé on lemon loaf cake, especially the one my grandmother makes and the one you can buy at Starbucks (it is however not sold at Hungarian Starbucks`).
  10. When I was younger I always wanted to join my mother at the gym and was angry that I was not allowed to go. Now I hate children in (hotel) gyms, that change and unnecessarily occupy machines every 30 seconds.